Decorating old-world in a modern home

Two old Portuguese chairs restored .One old brass vessel with glass top positioned as tea table, Two huge brass Gangalams serve as curtain holders

Ever walk past those big old houses with the old furniture and the old glassware that sits prettily in the shelves? Their garage sales must be something, right? To have a similarish feel in your own house, you don’t really have to look too far, go look into your attic you might find something super… Continue reading Decorating old-world in a modern home

Mystical Copper vessel

Mystical copper vessel with 3 white metal strips, dragon embellishments and the lid with the knob

Copper has played an important role in human civilization. It is one such element that has been extensively used in shaping up the history and culture of Asian countries and the world at large.Copper holds the significance of being an essential mineral required by our body to finding a place in the temples and monasteries… Continue reading Mystical Copper vessel

A Door into the Past

Close view of the door showing the details on the canopy

                Update: Here’s a video we’ve recently done. Do check it out and read the article for detailed information. Gather around on the rug, its story time! The sun is beginning to rise with its rays just beginning to filter in through the windows of the house. It wakes up a small boy, all of… Continue reading A Door into the Past

Health Benefits Of Drinking Water Stored In Copper Vessels

Antique copper tumbler, Tulasi leaves enhance the benefits of water in copper vessel

These days even doctors recommend patients to drink water stored in copper jugs overnight on empty stomachs. Our ancestors were wise and intelligent; no wonder they used vessels made of brass and copper and they lived a longer life and were healthier than our generation. Also according to Ayurveda, there are three doshas in our… Continue reading Health Benefits Of Drinking Water Stored In Copper Vessels

Personal encounter with Antiques!

Huge antiques brass gangalam that serves as a base of the dining table with a glass top

I have known YK Sir for little over a month now, we were introduced by a common friend and since then we have been exchanging mails and talking over the phone. I can say we have been bonding over antiques. We never met officially until last Saturday (26th December, 2015). After exchanging a couple of… Continue reading Personal encounter with Antiques!

Antique Coin Toning And Why You Should Know About It

A lot of antique collectors start off with an interest in old coins. Coin toning is a term used to describe the discolouring of coins which happens due to the oxygen in the air and its effects on the metal of the coin.The word of the day today for the budding numismatist is toning. I’m… Continue reading Antique Coin Toning And Why You Should Know About It

Go Vintage With Your House This Winter!!!

How many times have you visited a place and got blown away by the ambiance and decor? Recently I visited a hotel in Udaipur and I was mesmerized with the way the hotel’s decor was done. There wasn’t a single item that belonged to today’s world, from the flower pot to the statutes, it all… Continue reading Go Vintage With Your House This Winter!!!