Back to Basics-Antique Stone Cooking and Storage Pots

of beautifully shaped antique Granit storage pots

Human civilization has passed through different eras and epochs resulting in the inventions that shaped our history and culture. Amongst the many ages that we have evolved through Stone Age is definitely one of them. Stone Age was the time when our entire race depended on stones. They used tools and weapons made out of… Continue reading Back to Basics-Antique Stone Cooking and Storage Pots

Antique Hand-held Brass Fan

Antique hand-held brass fan with peacock neck handle

I am going to present to you an antique hand-held brass fan which I have collected recently that was used by a rich landlord during the Zamindari system in pre-independence India. This beautiful brass fan is acquired from a gentleman by name Adinarayanan whose great grandfather was working as a chief accountant for a wealthy… Continue reading Antique Hand-held Brass Fan

My Experience With Using Antique Vessels For Cooking And Drinking Water

Marachombu with lid that is used to carry water during journey

Here’s a new guest post. Sushma, is an ardent follower of After realising the benefits of using traditional cooking vessels, she has discarded the modern kitchenware like pressure cookers and non-stick cookware one fine morning and started using only traditional cookware made of brass, bronze, copper, iron and earthen pots. She proudly says that… Continue reading My Experience With Using Antique Vessels For Cooking And Drinking Water

Mystical Copper vessel

Mystical copper vessel with 3 white metal strips, dragon embellishments and the lid with the knob

Copper has played an important role in human civilization. It is one such element that has been extensively used in shaping up the history and culture of Asian countries and the world at large.Copper holds the significance of being an essential mineral required by our body to finding a place in the temples and monasteries… Continue reading Mystical Copper vessel

Kidaram – Large Brass Water Storage Pot

Kindaram, the huge brass water storage pot on pedestal

                                This large brass storage pot is known as Kidaram in Tamil language. Kidaram is used for storage of water in the area known as Chettinadu in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Chettinadu is a dry area and in… Continue reading Kidaram – Large Brass Water Storage Pot

Thondi – The Copper Pot For Water

  Thondi is a copper or brass pot that is used for drawing water from the well. The Thondi shown in the picture is hand made out of copper. Few decades ago when the expanding cities and towns did not have running water through pipe lines and there were no overhead water tanks to collect… Continue reading Thondi – The Copper Pot For Water

Antique Brass Kindi: Lota With A Spout

        Kindi is a type of Indian lota or chambu with a spout mostly used in kerala state, India, as a multipurpose vessel.It is used as a water dispenser for various pooja rituals and daily ablutions. Kindi like vessel with spout is also used in Andhra Pradesh and is called KommuChambu. Similar… Continue reading Antique Brass Kindi: Lota With A Spout

Vintage Ugadi Vendi Ginni (Silver bowl)

Vintage silver Vendi mattuginni with Ugadi Pachhadi

            This vintage silver bowl is used for keeping the Ugadi pachhadi the traditional chutney prepared every year for Ugadi festival. We used to call this vintage bowl as Vendi Mattu Ginni meaning the silver bowl with Mattu, a type of supporting ring under the bowl. This vintage silver Mattu… Continue reading Vintage Ugadi Vendi Ginni (Silver bowl)

Antique Brass Hair Untangler

Antique Brass hair untangler

This is picture of an antique brass hair untangler or a comb. I am very careful the usage of the word comb as the artifact does not identify with the characteristics of a comb. It is long and forked. The design is similar to that of two pronged fork. It is made of brass so… Continue reading Antique Brass Hair Untangler