Jaadis – The Ceramic Jars For Pickles


        These beautiful ceramic jaadis you see in the pictures are used for storing pickles.These are known as pingani jaadi or peengan jaadi in south India meaning that they are made out of porcelain.These double colour beauties mostly in white and brown combination are pride of the kitchen few decades ago.They come… Continue reading Jaadis – The Ceramic Jars For Pickles

Antique Brass Tiruchoornam Bharani (Container)

  This wonderful art object in the form of a fish is actually a Bharani (Container) made out of Brass metal used for storage of red powder called Tiruchoornam. Tiruchoornam is used by Vaishnavite sect of Hindu Brahmin Community to apply Namam, a religious mark on their forehead. Vaishnavism and the NamamĀ  Namam mark is… Continue reading Antique Brass Tiruchoornam Bharani (Container)