Go Vintage With Your House This Winter!!!

How many times have you visited a place and got blown away by the ambiance and decor? Recently I visited a hotel in Udaipur and I was mesmerized with the way the hotel’s decor was done. There wasn’t a single item that belonged to today’s world, from the flower pot to the statutes, it all… Continue reading Go Vintage With Your House This Winter!!!

Kidaram – Large Brass Water Storage Pot

Kindaram, the huge brass water storage pot on pedestal

                                This large brass storage pot is known as Kidaram in Tamil language. Kidaram is used for storage of water in the area known as Chettinadu in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Chettinadu is a dry area and in… Continue reading Kidaram – Large Brass Water Storage Pot

Antique Brass Ghee Storage Pots

Round shape brass ghee pot with lid and handle

  Ghee is known to Indians since 6,500 BC. This was revealed through the traces of ghee found from the excavated pots belonging to that period. Ghee was used by ancient Indians for the ritual fire sacrifices called Homam. Ghee is truly an Indian invention and mainly used in India. It has spread to the… Continue reading Antique Brass Ghee Storage Pots

Antique Cloth Cradle Separator

Antique Cloth cradle separator

    Ancient Indian civilization has passed on through generations to modern times a simple cradle made out of cloth in which the babies love to sleep. This cloth cradle is basically a cloth hammock created from a cotton cloth, from a simple cotton dhoti or a sari tied to a hook and hung from… Continue reading Antique Cloth Cradle Separator