Kidaram – Large Brass Water Storage Pot

Kindaram, the huge brass water storage pot on pedestal

                                This large brass storage pot is known as Kidaram in Tamil language. Kidaram is used for storage of water in the area known as Chettinadu in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Chettinadu is a dry area and in… Continue reading Kidaram – Large Brass Water Storage Pot

Antique Brass Kindi: Lota With A Spout

        Kindi is a type of Indian lota or chambu with a spout mostly used in kerala state, India, as a multipurpose vessel.It is used as a water dispenser for various pooja rituals and daily ablutions. Kindi like vessel with spout is also used in Andhra Pradesh and is called KommuChambu. Similar… Continue reading Antique Brass Kindi: Lota With A Spout

Antique Brass Drinking Pots

Ancient Indian wisdom of storing water in brass vessels for healthy living is now proved to be a scientific fact. Extending the same habit, ancient Indians drank their water from brass pots. This culture was prevalent till the beginning of 20th century and that was when the stainless steel and plastic culture pushed out the… Continue reading Antique Brass Drinking Pots