Antique Brass Milk Pot

Antique brass milk pot

  When my mother came to my father’s house for the first time in the year 1936 after her marriage, her father gifted her few items for her comfort at the new home including a cow and a brass milk pot known as paala tappela into which the milk is squeezed from the cow.  This… Continue reading Antique Brass Milk Pot

Antique Brass Ghee Storage Pots

Round shape brass ghee pot with lid and handle

  Ghee is known to Indians since 6,500 BC. This was revealed through the traces of ghee found from the excavated pots belonging to that period. Ghee was used by ancient Indians for the ritual fire sacrifices called Homam. Ghee is truly an Indian invention and mainly used in India. It has spread to the… Continue reading Antique Brass Ghee Storage Pots

Antique Brass Boorela Mookudu – Frying Pan

Fried boorelu being taken out from the oil. Watch the matching antique ittadi garite and brass ladle.

Boorelu are the classical traditional sweet dish of Andhra Pradesh. This sweet item is associated with celebration, joy, festivity and warmth. For happy occasions like marriages and for celebration of festivals, boorelu are a must. They are so much associated with something good and joy that when people want to ask a person when he… Continue reading Antique Brass Boorela Mookudu – Frying Pan

Brass Temple Umbrella Kalasam

Kalasam is the most sacred symbol of Hindu religion. All Hindu religious rituals start first with kalasa pooja. It is considered as Sarva Devata Roopam (image of all Gods), Sarva Veda Roopam (image of all vedas ) and Sarva Divya Nadee Roopam (image of all sacred rivers). Because of its sacred nature, kalasam is invariably… Continue reading Brass Temple Umbrella Kalasam

How To Acquire Antiques from Genuine Sources – Top Three Tips

Beatiful stone sculptured statue of a lady drummer purchased in a sale.

The real joy of acquiring an antique lies in identifying an antique at its original source, persuading the owner to partake it and adding it to your collection. In this process, you get to know the source of the item, the genuineness of the item, the owner of the item, the history of the item,… Continue reading How To Acquire Antiques from Genuine Sources – Top Three Tips

Antique Brass And Copper Kamandalam

Side view of Antique Brass and Copper Kamandalam.

Kamandalam is a water pot with a handle used by Hindu religious sadhus, sanyasis, munis, yogis, ascetics, Buddhist monks and Hindu mendicants to carry water. Kamandalam represents a self-contained and simple life. Kamandalam is also called as Kamandal or Kamandalu. It is traditionally made out of ripe bottle gourd, or pumpkin, or coconut shell, or… Continue reading Antique Brass And Copper Kamandalam

Sambrani Incense Brass Pot

Do you know how ladies used to dry their hair after a head bath in those good old days when electric hair driers were not available?  Yes! They had a traditional style of drying the hair with perfumed hot air. Sounds romantic and feels cosy doesn’t it? In the old days, when modern gadgets had… Continue reading Sambrani Incense Brass Pot

Antique Brass Drinking Pots

Ancient Indian wisdom of storing water in brass vessels for healthy living is now proved to be a scientific fact. Extending the same habit, ancient Indians drank their water from brass pots. This culture was prevalent till the beginning of 20th century and that was when the stainless steel and plastic culture pushed out the… Continue reading Antique Brass Drinking Pots

Antique Brass Oil Diyas

Deepa Sundari holding a Lit Lamp.

Gaja Diya Gaja in Sanskrit means Elephant, and Diya is an oil lamp with a wick. This oil lamp is crafted to show an Elephant carrying a diya on its back. It is customary that Gods, Kings and Dignitaries sit in a howdah placed on a caparisoned Elephant. They do not sit directly on the… Continue reading Antique Brass Oil Diyas

Antique Brass Tiruchoornam Bharani (Container)

  This wonderful art object in the form of a fish is actually a Bharani (Container) made out of Brass metal used for storage of red powder called Tiruchoornam. Tiruchoornam is used by Vaishnavite sect of Hindu Brahmin Community to apply Namam, a religious mark on their forehead. Vaishnavism and the Namam  Namam mark is… Continue reading Antique Brass Tiruchoornam Bharani (Container)