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    1. Hello. Thank you for writing to us. We do not have any leads for antique iron ladles up for sale. But these might help:

      1. Iron Tadka Ladle – Zishta (click to open)

      2. Cast Iron Karandi – Naati Grains (click to open)

      3. Iron Tadka Handle – Essential Traditions (click to open)

      4. Iron Tadka Vessel – Chakradhari (click to open)

      Note – We do not endorse or have any tie-up with the brands listed above. We had come across the products as part of our own research on cast iron products available online.

    1. Hello. Thanks for writing to us. We do not sell any antiques. All antiques on our website are part of a private collection (home museum). Maybe some of our website visitors and followers might be able to give you some leads.

  1. Want to buy brass rice cooking pot
    But what I purchased brass utensils when I boil milk or cook rice it becomes blueish or green which is poisoning so want to know u brass doesn’t becomes blue after cooking

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