Antiques & Technology – Doing Things The Video Way!

  The very idea behind starting this blog was to share my collection of antiques with antique lovers all over the world and to somehow re-ignite the spark for preserving and cherishing antiques that were once part of our daily lives. We came up with articles and all of you encouraged the initiative by subscribing… Continue reading Antiques & Technology – Doing Things The Video Way!

Vintage Attar Distillation Vessel – Copper ‘Bhapka’

Collection of rare Attars –display from a shop in Hyderabad

                                Attar is an Indian name for the traditional perfumes made in India by ancient technique of distillation using copper vessels.This beautifully shaped copper vessel called ‘Bhapka’ is used in the traditional method of distillation of attar. The very mention… Continue reading Vintage Attar Distillation Vessel – Copper ‘Bhapka’

Antique Brass And Bronze Curry Cooking Pots

Antique Brass and Bronze curry pots in a group

  The antique brass and bronze pots shown here are exclusively used for cooking Andhra Curries. In traditional Andhra meal there will be five items invariably  – Muddapappu, curry, chutney, pulusu, rasam and curds or butter milk with lots of accompaniments like pickles, powders, appadam, vadiyalu, ooramirapakayalu etc. Out of all Andhra meal items curry,… Continue reading Antique Brass And Bronze Curry Cooking Pots

Vintage Brass 5-Tier Tiffin Box Carrier

Vintage Brass 5-Tier Tiffin box carrier

  This vintage brass 5-tier tiffin box was used by me during my school days to carry lunch to my school. I was born in the year 1940. My grandfather who was a head master for the only elementary school we had in our village Someswaram, in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India,… Continue reading Vintage Brass 5-Tier Tiffin Box Carrier

Sambrani Incense Brass Pot

Do you know how ladies used to dry their hair after a head bath in those good old days when electric hair driers were not available?  Yes! They had a traditional style of drying the hair with perfumed hot air. Sounds romantic and feels cosy doesn’t it? In the old days, when modern gadgets had… Continue reading Sambrani Incense Brass Pot

Antique Stone Cooking Pots

Stone Cooking Pots Arranged in a Group These beautiful stone cooking pots will be the pride of any kitchen and are antique collectors’ delight. They are hand-carved out of a single block of soft stone, known as soapstone. These soap stone pots are mostly used in southern states of India like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu,… Continue reading Antique Stone Cooking Pots

Tulsi Pooja Oil Diyas

Tulsi Pooja with special Diya arrangement from YK’s Collection Light is life.Without light there is no life on earth. Hence any source of light is considered as divine in Hinduism. Sun is a god known as Surya Bhagavan and moon is a demi god known as Somadeva. All man made sources of light like, oil… Continue reading Tulsi Pooja Oil Diyas