Vintage Musical Decanter Set

“Amidst the shining brass
And a few ceramic & glass
There it was…
With a missing shot glass
And a loosened cork top
Steady and calm
In all of its charm

Wind the knob
And pick the bottle to gaze
A sweet little surprise
For you it plays

A glance & a stare…
For an admirer’s care
Rightfully placed
To make people amazed

Yet for a wanderlust soul
For the lens that roll
It seemed to be its best
Alive in the open
Wheels striking a silent emotion” 🙂

A Vintage Decanter Set, that came all the way from Baghdad in the year 1980 to find a new home! A thoughtfully designed piece…a creator’s talent… something to behold… A lovely piece of antique that leaves you with a feeling just as sweet as the memories of music played and glasses shared!