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Antique Brass Spice Box


Love spices? This time, we’ve got something unique and interesting lined up for you antique lovers – the antique brass spice box.

No meal in India is complete without spices. We’ve been exporting spices to the world since ages and Indian food is synonymous with spices. Agree or disagree? When I was a kid, I used to help my mother in the kitchen when she prepared food. We had this round-shaped box made out of brass in which the spices were stored. And every kitchen in my village had one. Whenever my mother used to cook, I took out the box and picked the spices from the mini containers within the spice box and excitedly watched as she added them to the hot oil. Ahh, memories!

With time, the materials used to make the spice box changed and so did the contents. But the essence is the same. Here’s a lovely antique brass spice box that I acquired form a family in Kerala. The minute I saw it, it brought back childhood memories for me. I want to share the same with you through this video. Does it bring back some memories for you too? Let me know.

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