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Antique Brass Idli Steamer (Idli Patra)


Idlis are a preferred choice of breakfast in South India and they’ve has also gained popularity in the rest of India too. A good source of carbs and protein, idlis are light, tasty and a healthy choice. While the modern stainless steel idli steamers do the job well, back in the day most households had brass idli patras. As with time, the brass idli patras were slowly phased out and replaced with modern ones.

Here’s an antique brass idli patra that I have in my collection which is still very much functional. Take a look at the video to know how I acquired it and what sets this one apart from the rest. We’ve also added info on how idlis are made from the start. Hope you like it. For any questions or comments regarding this particular antique piece, do write to me and I would be happy to answer.