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Antique Gajalakshmi Panchaloha Oil Lamp


As some of you might already know, I’ve made some interesting friends via the blog who keep writing to me about antiques and share their views about my collection and also about antiques that they own. One such friend that I’m regularly in touch with is Mr. Rajappan. In case you are wondering who he is, I’ve previously written an article “Bonding Over Antiques – An Interesting Association.”  You can take a quick look at it.

Sometime in early July 2016, Mr. Rajappan called me up and mentioned about a friend of his from Cochin who had a collection of antiques and family heirlooms which he was willing to part with. This particular person’s family traces its roots to the nobles from the region. I immediately asked for some photos of the gentleman’s collection and promptly received some. After seeing the photos, I immediately decided to take a trip to Cochin and acquire some antiques.

The minute I saw this beautiful Gajalakshmi Oil Lamp, I decided to acquire it right away along with a few more antiques that I particularly found interesting. Here’s a video on the Antique Gajalakshmi Panchaloha Oil Lamp. Do take a look at it. I’m sure you will also fall in love with this beautiful antique that’s now a part of my collection.